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We are non-denominational
– evangelical
– Christ centered
– faith based
– teaching ministry







What our church offers:
OneWay Church`s creed or formal statement is to lead people to Christ and not compromise the word of God, ahead of other points which you can read on the creed of the church. This is the key focus that God has given the leaders.
OneWay Church is a non-denominational church in Rockingham, teaching from the Bible and is doing so through a bible study and a Sunday service.
OneWay Church is a warm, loving and caring church and offers coffee, tea and a small bite to eat after the service which allows everyone to socialise and be encouraged by each other.

Service – Sunday 9.30am
Bible Study – Thursday 10.00am
Children’s Church – Sunday 10.00am – 12.00 noon
Over 55’s – Meets every 4-6 weeks                                                                            Junior Youth Group – Meets every fortnight during the school term

OneWay Church Inc. is located in the Hillman area of Rockingham WA.

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Our Worship Team
The team plays a variety of songs from old favourites to modern music, who welcomes all those who have a passion in this area.

Children’s Church
For children aged two to twelve, we have a special program that allows your child to learn the word of God at their level in a safe friendly environment.  The children join with the congregation in worship, then depart for children’s church under supervised activities until 12.00 noon.

Social Ministry
The aim of this ministry is to bring everyone together and strengthen the bonds of friendship between the community and church.  We hold a number of varying social events and outings throughout the year, so there is always something to look forward to.


Over 55’s Ministry
The over fifty five group meets every four to six weeks providing strength, encouragement and warm Christian fellowship to one another.


We have had the privilege of forming a connection with Born Again Christian Church in the Philippines.  In February 2017 God opened the door and allowed us to take our first missionary team, where we spent eight days visiting, evangelising, preaching and teaching in the city of Surigao.  All photos from the trip can be seen on our facebook page.

Miss team

Pastoral Care
This new ministry brings new and exciting opportunities for OneWay Church to show God’s love and hope in the community and support to those in need within the church.

Junior Youth Group                                                                                                        Junior Youth Group is on every fortnight during the school term. All children who are in school grades 4-6 are welcome to come along.  The nights are filled with fun and games, and end with an age appropriate message about God and faith.

History of the OneWay Church:
In October 2009, Pastor John D`Ermilio and Adrian Farmer were given the vision from God to start a church.  Both coming from a twelve year grounding in Christian faith and began OneWay Church Incorporated in December 2009 where we gathered together in Adrian`s home with 8 people. We then moved two months later into Hillman Hall, Unnaro Street, Hillman where it is still located today.  OneWay Church has a passion to reach out and bring people to know Christ and teach the love of God and His Word.

God bless – Pastor John D’Ermilio